Battery change for Maestro 1032
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Thread: Battery change for Maestro 1032

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    Smile Battery change for Maestro 1032

    Does anybody know how to change the battery in a maestro. Battery is available but I think is difficult to open the case . Can any one help?
    Thanks for the help.

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    I changed battery in my old Maestro.

    I purchase new battery on ebay - here is info about the seller:
    Total (including S&H): $14.98
    The battery was shipped from Hong Kong - I paid on Nov 27 and received Dec 10.
    To take Maestro appart takes some skills, but I did it. Here some pictures from my work:
    I didn't use any special tools or skills - just common sense. Putting battery does not involves any soldering - just screw drives.
    After putting Maestro together I found some extra screws - but didn't bother to put it back.
    Now my next question - what should I do with Maestro? My current PDA is Ipaq 4700 - much better then Maestro.


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