tripad pv-6000
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    tripad pv-6000

    Looking for an owner's manual and a new battery for my tripad pv-6000.

    Any ideas?



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    Tripad also known as Clio c-1050

    I have a tripad as well.

    I got the Clio manual from:

    They have links to some software you can download.

    I was having difficulty syncing with serial and IR. I have a PCMCIA wireless card but I had no way of getting the drivers to the device. I found out that there is a compactflash drive in with the battery compartment. The battery must be removed to insert and remove the compactflash card. The weird thing is that if I have the CF card in then the PC Card won't work. If I have the PC Card in and nothing in the CF slot then my wireless works.

    As far as batteries? There was someone selling tripads for 120$ on ebay... they come with new batteries, and the whole device.

    Any luck with IE? I can't get it to go to many pages. Probably because of the standards, are there any other browser options out there for windows ce 2.11? Apparently with some hacking HotJava works.

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