missing first letter down left side Palm VIIx
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Thread: missing first letter down left side Palm VIIx

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    missing first letter down left side Palm VIIx

    I am missing the above--all different screens.
    Holding screen in the right light you see a 3/16 margin down the left--it is truly a different shade of color.

    Has anyone had this experience

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    You can try a hard reset to see if it will recover the screen. It sounds like the screen may be going bad.
    If you want to try a hard reset, it will erase all data on the device. Make sure you have your data backed up to the PC by hotsync'ing before the hard reset.

    Click on the following link to the kb.palm.com webpage for the article regarding reset procedures.


    If after the hard reset the screen still has the same problem, you will need to get it repaired.

    Check out pdaparts.com or used pdaparts.com for screens and instructions on how to replace the screen. Those sites have repair services also.

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