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    OS for Tungsten C

    I recently acquired a "new" Tungsten C PDA. I already have a Zire 72 (that is failing). Is it possible to run the same OS as the Zire (5.2.8) on the Tungsten C (has 5.2.1)? If so how do I do the change?

    I cannot seem to get the Tungsten C to accept the data from my desktop (has been linked with the Zire 72) during a hot synch. I also noticed the applications (specifically the calendar program) on the Tungsten are older than the Zire's. Can this be upgraded as well? I am using a USB connection and Windows XP.

    I would appreciate any help.


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    I don't think the Tungsten C has a flashable ROM chip so changing the OS is not possible. Check over at Brighthand to confirm this.

    The sync to your Tungsten C should be no problem. Make sure you hard-reset the unit first and then place it in its cradle. When prompted by Palm Desktop, give it a new user name. If your PIM info is held in Palm Desktop then you will meed to copy all your PIM stuff from the Zire 72 user to the Tungsten C user.

    Make sure Palm Desktop is not running when you follow the steps below.

    1) Locate your Tungsten C user folder (usually under C:\Program Files\Palm) and delete all the subfolders there
    2) Locate your Zire 72 user folder and copy sub-folders corresponding to PIMs over to your Tungsten C user folder
    3) Right-click the HotSync icon and select Custom
    4) Select your Tungsten C user in the drop-down at the top of the window
    5) Set all PIM conduits to "Desktop overwrites handheld" by double-clicking each conduit and changing the value there.
    6) Sync your Tungsten C

    All your PPIM data should now be on your Tungsten C. Note that the two data sets are independant in Palm Desktop so any changes you make on your Zire 72 will not transfer to the Tungsten C and vice-versa.

    Another way is to use the same username for the Tungsten C. If you do that then delete the backup sub-folder in your Zire 72 user folder before the HotSync. Note however that you will not be able to sync both devices if you do things this way.

    Hope that helps.



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