Here is how I connect my new PSION serie 5 with Linux Debian Stable.

(1) Hardware:
I bought a regular irda belkin irda

(2) Get linux and install it with the cdrom
Nothing complicated
Try Testing instead of Stable if you need more hardware support

(3) Next step
apt-get install irda-utils

(4) Let's prepare it for boot

cat /etc/rc2.d/S99psionstart
killall -e irattach
modprobe crc_ccitt
modprobe irda
modprobe stir4200
modprobe ircomm
modprobe ircomm_tty
irattach irda0 -s
/etc/init.d/irda-utils restart
mkdir -p /home/psionbackup
cd /home/psionbackup
while [ 1  ]  ; do 
irpsion5 -v -r  -b  ; beep &
(Last step)
Take your PSION and anytime during the day, to send your files to the PC, take the psion serie 5 and put both irda close to each other ie. belkin and psion 5, and send the files you want with SENDING on the psion to the LINUX box.
Here it is.

Sending from PSION is working
Other way around is NOT working, with
irpsion5 -v -s file.txt

I have a REVO, and this works too. Both REVO and SERIE 5 PSION can send file to the LINUX MACHINE anytime !! Cool if you are looking for fast sending.

You know any other LINUX tricks with PSION ? Please post!!

For LINUX and PSION fans !

Happy Tux