I would like to use handheld computers with built-in GPS or an external GPS device to record waypoints in the field, and also enter some related data. Below is my dream wish list.... I would appreciate your input on what platform you recommend for this.

- simple form to collect 10-15 fields of data using mainly drop-down boxes
- each time a record is created, the current GPS coordinates are recorded
- the data can be downloaded into an Access database
- ultimately it would be cool if the device could also take a photograph and associate the photo with that record
- the devices could either be quality/rugged/expensive or cheap/disposable

I have some limited exposure to Pendragon forms running on older Palm technology - but I would like to learn of technology improvements since then.

I am very experienced with VBA and Access and SQL. It would be ideal to be able to leverage these skills instead of learning new proprietary scripting languages, but I will if I have to.

Thanks for your input.