Help with older ZR-5800 needed
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Thread: Help with older ZR-5800 needed

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    Help with older ZR-5800 needed

    I signed up to the forum just to see if anyone out here can answer a question, and confirm my suspicions.

    A good friend of mine passed away on Tuesday last week. He was what you'd call a gadget guy, and had all sorts of computers / PDAs / Smartphones etc. Well, he bought this Zarus ZR-5800 15 or so years ago, and never found anything that he felt could replace it. He loved this thing and pust everything into it's little 2MB on-board memory. He liked this particular PDA so much he went out and bought an HP 4 series laserprinter just because it had IR capability. So his wife gives it to me and asks me to get all the data off of it that I can for her.

    It's password protected. I'm hosed right? Is there anyway around this other than the complete data wipe using the reset/power-on? Has anyone tried a data recovery service on one of these old PDAs? How much does something like that cost?

    Thanks for any help that can be provided. Just an FYI, I'm heading out to Afghanistan in 8 days, so time is a factor. If I cannot get into it, I at least would like to give her some leads on some data recovery shops.

    Thanks again.


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    Hi Mark, I hope you will receive this reply to your post of 5 months ago...
    As you can tell, there isn't much activity in this forum lately. There are still some of us using the old Zaurus units, though.
    I think there is no way around the password protection on the Zaurus. It's possible I am wrong. There are just a few places that might be able to help:
    Contact Pygmy Computer Systems, in Miami Florida. Pygmy sells the Zaurus and related products online at Telephone: 305-253-1212, extension 319 or 1-800-447-9469. Email: There was a support person there at one time by the name of Martin Rodriguez, I believe. I once contacted him, and he was very responsive and helpful. But that was nearly 10 years ago, so things may have changed.
    Another source is a person in Canada who sells many Sharp organizers in eBay. He states his email is and his tel is 514-482-9185. He states he repairs "all Sharp organizers". I have no other information about this person. His ebay seller ID is "savebig". He has over 3000 positive feedbacks, at 100% positive, so he is probably reliable.
    Possibly the password is something that can be guessed, or is written down somewhere? As far as I know, there is no limit on the number of password entry attempts that can be made on the Zaurus. maybe someone's name, a pet's name, or ...?
    Good luck with your project, it's admirable you are trying to help.
    And all my gratitude, respect and thanks for your service so far from home, I hope you return safe and healthy.

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    Zarus 5800 software

    Dan: You were very helpful in the above post; very kind of you to respond to people in need. The corrected email address for Dominic above is: He's a character but appears to know what he is talking about.

    Does anyone looking at this post have a copy of the software needed to download the Contacts of a Zarus ZR 5800 to a PC. I can let you borrow the cable interface if you need one.

    Thanks so much.

    PS Another helpful person was at . 614.472.1382 They went out of their way to help.

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    up cho thớt nhé

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