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    Palm M515

    I bought a like new Palm M515 from eBay a little while ago after deciding to let my old Palm Vx go. (Not getting rid of it, but it'll be put back into it's box and hidden for now.)

    I have a smartphone that I love (Nokia e90) but sometimes it feels like I have to jump through hoops to use it as my PDA. It does the net, email and messaging great. But Palm still rocks my PIM world.

    But I'm curious, I've got some applications on my Palm Vx that I love and that work great on the M515, but what do you have on your Palm?

    "What's your must have applications?"

    Just want to fill it up with some useful software. Can't stop playing with it at the moment.


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    The current software I have installed are as follows:

    Palm Today -
    Call Memo - (Great for quick note taking when on the phone.)
    R. Watch -

    Those are just a couple.

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