I have a Palm m515 which works very well.
I also have a USB-cable for synchronizing data, works also well.
And I have an "Actisys IR4000US" USB dongle for my notebook, as it has no built in IR port. The IR4000US worked with the com-port simulation software "ircomm2k" and I could choose whether I wanted to use IR or USB cable...

I'm using Palm desktop software V. 4.1.4

Now I had to reinstall my WinXP due to a OS-failure.
After that everything works well exept of the IR-Sync... I always get "Hotsync socket error 8197"

It seems as if the simulated COM port is used by another software, but I cannot get out which one.
Trying a different port gives the same error.
Desktop SW only offers Com3 (which ist used by modem) and Com4 for IR-communication (is obviously free and used to work)

The issue is similar to that:
but cradle / cable sync is working on my side, but not the IR-sync.

Does anybody know this issue and can help me to solve the problem?

Thanks a lot in advance,